~ Client Testimonials ~

Heather & Joel Tibbets | Dance Student | Colbert, WA

& Joel Tibbets

Spokane is privileged to have the return of Miss Tamara Zink and her amazing talent! From ballet, musical theatre and singing to Pilates and core training, Miss Tamara has provided our daughters with an amazing education through our private lessons. Tamara has an impressive performance history and a wealth of knowledge. We are so lucky to have her world class experience available to us locally!

Tina Humphreys | Adult Ballet Artist | Spokane, WA

Tina Humphreys

There is no place on earth as magical as the ballet studio. Tamara Zink is the wonderful instructor that makes it all possible. I have had so much fun in Tamara's classes. I am challenged, yet encouraged and always free to be an artist. A truly great teacher is the spark in the wonder of ballet. I am so grateful to Tamara for sharing her knowledge and experience, which is enrichment to all of us.

Jennifer Perry | Director/Choreographer | Walnut Creek, CA

Jennifer Perry

I first met Tamara Zink 15 years ago. I have worked with her as a fellow dancer, choreographer, assistant director and coach many times. Tamara brings light to all she touches. Her positive energy and vibe is contagious. She is truly a master in the theatre arts dance field.

Tamer's experience and vision for clean line and and story telling is what makes her so special. I would go anywhere to work with Tamara and I am in line with many others. She is always my first choice to assist me in directing and choreographing. My wish would be for Tamara to live close to me so I could work and collaborate with her daily.

Tamara has touched many lives and will continue to touch lives and help people feel better about themselves by building confidence and self esteem in them. I believe Tamara is an angel on earth! I would recommend Tamara to any project! I feel lucky to know her.

Simon Relph | Actor, Singer, Entertainer | Las Vegas, NYC, and UK

Simon Relph

I have been in show business for over 20 years. In my performing career there are only a handful of people I would put in the "Professional/Elite" category, Tamara Zink is one of those people. I have had the pleasure of knowing Tamara for several years now, and worked closely with her on a couple of occasions. Her passion for not only her own success, but others too, is something that makes her stand out in a crowd; and her professionalism is beyond reproach.

As someone who is challenged in the dance department, I couldn't have asked for a more supportive and encouraging choreographer/teacher. She is caring when it comes to understanding the challenge, but strong enough to push her students through those barriers. She is a joy and a shining spirit.